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We believe all consumers should have access to safe and consistent cannabis products. We’re so passionate about this quest, we created Shift Refinery entirely to redefine cannabis processing; even our name stands for change.


Our founders are cultivators who’ve been on a decade-long search for safe and reliable cannabis processing. So, we truly get it. The right refining makes all the difference. That’s why we’ve spent half a decade consulting with Colorado experts, as well as cannabis leaders from all over the world to design Shift Refinery.


We’re proud revolutionaries in the cannabis industry. We’ve been championing legal cannabis since its modern inception and have helped shape this movement into what it is today. Shift is committed to elevating the cannabis business sector, leading the charge to standardize, de-stigmatize, and normalize cannabis manufacturing.


Shift Refinery is a multi-million dollar research and development facility driving industry-leading product innovation. Shift Refinery is bringing you the next generation of cannabis products, today. By operating with the most advanced distillation equipment being manufactured, we are able to produce products that test as high as 95%.


Shift Concentrates

Innovative Technology Meets Artisanal Process

Our concentrates are expertly crafted at our Denver based Refinery using our proprietary state-of-the art extraction process. Our professional best-in-class engineers and cutting edge distillation process delivers the highest terpene profiles commercially possible. The flower used in our extraction process is expertly hand selected, and must pass Shift Refinery quality standards. There are no grinders used in separation of flower and stem, our cannabis is hand ground by our team delivering unparalleled quality and taste from products Refined by Shift. Lab tested for potency and purity, you can count on receiving best in class quality from all of our products.

Pure Potency Rating: 85-95%


Our recipe calls for 5X Refined Raw Distillate before formulation takes place. Combining flavor and effect, Refined by Shift distillates are crafted with premium quality in mind. Our industry- leading extraction techniques and state-of-the art distillation and evaporative equipment reduce residues, particulate, and impurities, leaving you with consistent, pure quality. Every purchase. Every puff.


Solid-state concentrates created a cannabis revolution in the latter part of the 2000s first decade. Shift Refinery has adopted the best parts of this product innovation and coupled it with safety, consistency, and quality protocols. Our version of solid state concentrates delivers connoisseur sensations and experiences with scientific safety standards. Feel free to dabble in Shift’s oily universe!


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Boutique Refining

We know refining matters to you and your customers; which is why we developed our premium boutique refining platform. Our boutique refining services deliver an unparalleled commitment to you to deliver white glove customer service from pick up to delivery.

Boutique Refining Difference

  • White Glove customer service – drop off to delivery
  • Transparent timelines with no hassle pricing
  • Premium branded and co-branded packaging available
  • Dedicated account managers for each transaction

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